Weed Bakery Game

Enter the high world of legalized recreational Marijuana in rocky Colorado!

Cultivate the most popular and potent weed strains like the Chronic, White Widow, Purple Haze and turn them into the hottest Marijuana edibles in the state.

Marijuana Edibles

Create unique edibles in your own weed bakery!

Progressive High

Blaze up and experience a whole new world!

Customizable Shop

Express yourself by tricking out your weed shop!

Real Reviews

Even though the names and profile images have been changed, these shortened reviews are still 100% real!

Unique Gameplay

Try the most advanced marijuana edible bakery simulator where you’ll get to grow weed, make edibles, deal with stoners and fend off shoplifters & thugs.

Get It For Free

If you’ve played through the original Weed Shop without spazzing out, you’re going to love the brand new challenges of Weed Bakery. If you haven’t we’d recommend playing the original first… However you don’t have to listen to us, just download Weed Bakery anyway and get baked!


Weed Bakery The Game contains references to Marijuana and crude humor and is intended for a MATURE AUDIENCE ONLY! All the events and characters portrayed in the game are completely fictional. For legal status regarding medical or recreational use of Marijuana in your state, contact your local law enforcement agency.