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    Jay Smith

    It must be a myth on my device because no matter how many bowls I load on the bong that fuckin pony is never in my shop when I go to my customers maybe joint buddy and/or security is scaring him away?? Whoever solved this plz help I need to get this out the way thanks!


    Melissa Estes

    I agree. I’ve tried everything and still can’t beat this mission. Also its getting kinda boring now. I have everything unlocked. There’s no new missions. No new machines or missions to do. All I do is grow and sell. Definitely need to make the game more interesting! Combine the weed shop weed bakery and garden or something. I loved the game at first but now its just boring. I thought the higher the level I got the more I could do but that’s not the case


    i saw in the game snapshots when i went to download the game you can smoke what you grow but i dont know how to smoke what i grow, can someone help me out?



    To J Bringle,
    If you have the smoke area unlocked (level 18)
    , and have the smoking instrument(s)
    Then it’s easy.

    First select smoke instrument, then open box. (Left top near can)

    Second move weed from box to grinder.

    Third move weed from grinder to smoking instrument.

    Fourth pick up lighter and move to smoking instrument, until screen changes.
    It doesn’t help with the white pony letter.



    I agree y’all should combine the shops. But I don’t like the Massachusetts shop though. $10 for watering your plants, or $40 for 3 minutes of self watering.


    Melissa Carey Derby

    So I was able to see the pony. But I accidentally clicked the box before I could read what it said and the pony dissapeared. It shows that my task was not completed. Will I be able to get the pony to come back? Help please!!!!!


    Crystal Wood

    It doesn’t allow me to select any of those items to put them together? Is there a special way I’m supposed to press on them or access the smoking area?



    I’ve left instructions on how to smoke weed, if you don’t buy the pipes, & area then you can’t smoke.
    1. First select the pipe

    2. Open weed box (near can) click on it.

    3. move(drag) weed from box to grinder.

    4. move(drag) weed from grinder to smoking instrument.

    5. pick up lighter and move to smoking pipe


    Slimmie Lovechild

    How do you rinse and repeat?

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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