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    Rourke Coetzee

    Basically just looking for if people know certain things, small hints etc.

    I’ve been playing and have been saving up now for quite a few levels, I want to do the Shop Upgrade, but I don’t want to lose to much on my saved up stash, I’m sitting on level 30, with 24k stash, and I’ve been getting the security every level, I’ve also go the safe, I just wanted to know if I get weedbuddy and leave the game on in the background, and just get weedbuddy everytime I level up what happens if an armed robbery happens while I’m not looking and I don’t have the security guard, but I have the safe, because it’s tedious waiting for the 150k to build up and if I leave it on in the background, and don’t have the security guard will they steal all my money while I’m not looking ?


    The Nieznany

    Hello! I noticed a glitch in game. You can walk on growing place (there are pots on it). Before Shop Upgrade I was able to look through ceiling.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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