Is It Racist?

Is It Racist?

Since its initial release, Weed Shop The Game has been accused of being racist, sexist, ageist, etc. by self-righteous trolls who hadn’t even gotten past level 1 in the game. We’ve expected that kind of blowback from the moment we decided to make it available on iOS and we’ve been dealing with these nutcases privately for quite some time now.

However, a recent review made us lose our cool and, since there’s no way to respond to anonymous vigilantes on the Appstore, it lead to this very public rant.  If you’re too lazy to read the screenshot, here’s the gist of it:

Moon Brown, aka our online warrior for racial equality, got all the way to level 2 of the game where a neglected customer (who turned out to be black) offered him less cash for the same amount of weed than a previous customer from level 1 (who was white, by the way). Instead of progressing in the game and improving his customer’s satisfaction while raising the sale prices (which is the point of the game), the troll then took to the Appstore calling the game “racist crap”. 

While we’d love to explain the definition of racism and the legal ramifications of libel to Mr. Brown, a weed games website is not the right platform to do so. Instead we’d rather shed some light on how the weed price algorithm works in all of the Weed Shop games, which might actually be useful to some of you who enjoy playing the game. There are a lot of variables at play which affect the sale price but race is not one of them. The only variables that matter when in comes to the final sale price per customer are:

  1. Base Price – Gets generated per customer using a random variation range based on the player’s current respect level.
  2. Customer’s Loyalty – Is increased with each sequential sale and decreased upon rejecting a customer.
  3. Player’s Respect Level – Is accumulated throughout the game and is also known as the XP level.
  4. Special Merchandise – Certain merch items can be bought online to temporarily or even permanently boost the sale prices.

That’s all there’s to it, but if you can still find a racial issue with the game (even after seeing the screenshot above which discredited the troll’s racism theories at first glance), then stay away from Candy Crush Saga, we heard it’s mad racist.


  • Wow I am truly shocked and amazed of how far this social media racism thing has gotten out of control, All this dumb mess about racism and the small idle minds of people who feed into it nitpick at every damn thing. I tell the generation now is so damn sensitive it not even funny, I mean too damn sensitive. I mean when you’re that bored and about so much drama that you can scope out different prices on a game people play and determine that there’s racism because of the prices, come on now that’s just mind blowing. I’m a 32yr old Black man from Richmond, Va who is addicted to this game, (I mean it’s up and running now trying too get more at money as we speak at $70,000 right now). That same man in that screenshot above and 2 other new black men are spending an average of $160 or better. Actually if you want to talk about the game being racist (While you’re looking and studying the game so hard, trying to have a reason to start some drama) then it looks like I’ve been giving better deals to most of the blacks and migos and the white boys paying more, you feel better now damn! I’m on level 23 now and continuing to advance. I was curious to know what programming language they code in so I ran across their website and seen this topic “Is it racist” and I had to say something like are you serious. Get past level one and stop crying. It’s gotta be the younger kids crying about that dumb shit. Go to school study math and science and stay away from all the news media gossiping social networking drama shit crybabies! The racism now in america is nothing compared to the past, nothing people come on. I’m an 80’s babies so I would know more about racism then these younger generation kids. Keep doing your thing Weed Shop, Love the Game!! *****

    Bryant Pierce
    • Nice commet, very well said and it just kills me how everyone thinks that if there a white person and a black person together in anything it has to be racist, I enjoy this game and I’m white and I guess I’m racist against everyone because I turn down everyone because I don’t have the supply only being lvl 4 but again, I turn down almost all the white people because they want 4 grams for $36, mostly this white Mohawk guy, so all I’m saying is to the guy who posted this thread is just play the damn game and stop crying like a baby or just go play outside like a good little boy

      Steven Townsend
  • I’d have a hell of a laugh if it was racist tho. Id still play,. it’d be cool if you could choose what price you’re going to sell it for, like turn it into almost a bargain process. Maybe drop the loyalty value if you rip them off by a certain amount. Idk just an idea. I hope you have plans to have rival weed shops in the game as well. thatd bring a fun process to the game. Maybe Leaderboards of your progress stats as well? I could go awhile coming up with cool things to add to this game. Its such a great game with huge potential I think. Thank you for making this game.

  • Damn, it’s just amazing how people get worked up over the dumbest shit. Haters gotta be


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