What is Weed Shop?

Weed Shop is a 3D Medical Marijuana Dispensary simulator where you get to grow various strains of weed, interact with customers and get rich as you get high.

I can't download the game. Fix it!

We are not your data provider, we just make games. If you’re getting errors downloading the game it’s either because your data connection is really unstable or your phone is ancient and running out of storage space.

The game keeps restarting upon launch.

Weed Shop The Game is a resource intensive 3D game which requires at least 1G of RAM. If your the game restarts, that means your entry level phone is out of memory. To fix this, run the game in low resolution mode or get a new phone.

Everything stutters and the game feels laggy!

Once again, your phone is not powerful enough to run Weed Shop smoothly. Check the previous section for a working solution.

I've completed a Free Cash offer but didn't get my reward! WTF?

The Free Cash offers are processed by our advertising partners at Fyber, we do not manually handle any of the rewards. If you’ve completed an offer but haven’t received the cash reward, you can check its status or report it by tapping the question mark in the top-right corner.

We will not respond to any complaints regarding the missing points.

I've bought some Cash Money but haven't received it yet.

Sometimes there’s a slight delay between making a in-app purchase and Google Wallet processing the payment. However, if you haven’t received your cash money within 2 hours following the purchase, contact us directly and we’ll take care of it personally!

What's a promo code and where do I get one?

Promo codes can be used to redeem free cash, weed or increase your experience level. We give away promo codes on a regular basis to our  Facebook fans, Weed Blog readers and also to random players sharing #weedshop screenshots on social media.

Where can I enter the promo code?

Click the “Show Some Love” banner on the in-game PC’s landing screen. It’ll take you to the Play Store so just press your phone’s back button to get back to the game and the promo code box will appear where the banner used to be.

I've shared a screenshot but still haven't received a promo code. What gives?

While we appreciate you showing off your weed shop, sharing a screenshot does not guarantee getting a promo code. We give away over 100 promo codes each week to RANDOM users though, so if you keep posting new screens eventually you’ll get lucky.

What if I have more questions?

This FAQ section is in its early stage and we’ll be updating it with additional info soon. In the mean time, you can get your additional questions answered on our Stoner Talk forum!

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